Tsunami relief: update 14: 5th April 2011: Rehabilitation focus but medical support for the vulnerable

(2011-04-05) In line with the ongoing medical relief, AMDA has started to shift its relief activities to rehabilitative assistance after three weeks have passed since the earthquake struck.
AMDA President, Dr. Shigeru Suganami, who worked in the afflicted site (Iwate Pref.) until Apr. 1st will be holding a press conference on Apr. 5th to report the progress and further scope of AMDA’s relief activities.
Iwate Prefecture (the town of Ohtsuchicho):
No case of norovirus has been reported at the evacuation shelter, however, cases such as fever and dehydration have been increasing. As April is the beginning of a new school year in Japan, due to the reopening of schools some kind of change can be expected at schools that are currently used as evacuation shelters.
Meanwhile, AMDA received a donation of more than 150 book bags for school children from its donors in Okayama Prefecture, home to AMDA. The bags will be sent to Ohtsuchi Elemetary School in Ohtsuchicho, Iwate Pref. on Apr. 11th.
To help AMDA’s activities up and running and also to help create job opportunities, AMDA has hired a total of nine local people in the area which includes a driver, an assistant, a clerk, an acupuncture therapist and so on.
Miyagi Pref. (the town of Minamisanriku-cho):
In response to the inquiry from the Israeli medical team, AMDA has decided to send two additional doctors/interpreters to Minsamisanriku-cho. They are expected to work with the Israeli team in providing coherent medical services for the tsunami survivors.
It is reported that there has been an outbreak of norovirus in Minamisanriku-cho; several patients where also found at Shizugawa Elementary School where AMDA is currently based at. Amongst the patients are of those who will soon be relocated to elsewhere for a mass evacuation, hence AMDA is urgently trying to list them up for further refferal at their destination.
Latest dispatch of AMDA personnel (as of Apr. 5th):
1 midwife (Apr. 2nd), 1 coordinator (Apr. 2nd), 2 careworkers (Apr. 3rd), 2 doctors/interpreters (Apr. 4th)
Total number of AMDA’s relief personnel (as of Apr. 5th): 114
41 doctors, 20 nurses, 3 midwives, 1 assistant nurse, 3 pharmacists, 2 psychotherapists, 40 coordinators (including assistants and interpreters), 4 careworkers

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