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Dr. Narayan Bahadur Basnet writes…. 4 May 2015 Nepal..

nplquake-comboDear All,

   Here are photographs of AMDA activities of May 4, 2015 that included Renuka, Tika and myself in Chandeswori (Bishnugaun VDC) and Tokha (Saraswoti VDC) of Kathmandu district. So far no relief team has reached to Chandeswori Kunwargaun, merely 20 km away from the heart of KTM. None has given anything to the villagers except todays’medical help. They received from their relatives 2-3 days after the quake. Most of the dwellers of a small village lost their ancestor home and were very worried about the future: their home and fate. I remind them of ‘Buddha’ and counsel them for about an hour…the place was beautiful… a small heaven…  Thank you. Dr. Narayan Bahadur Basnet Member – AMDA Nepal

AMDA Nepal – GPSP Earthquake Relief Team images…


Nepal earthquake update 1-May-15

ネパール中部地震被災者に対する緊急医療支援活動 速報6



29日、カトマンズを出発して自動車で丸1日をかけて、支援の行き届いていないバグマティ県(Bagmati )シンドゥーパルチョーク郡(Sindhupalchok)マンハ市(Mankha)に移動した。



翌30日には、朝からハチャトゥル地区(Khadichaur)にあるシンドゥサダバハール病院(Sindhu Sadabahar)での医療支援活動を行った。この病院では、被災直後に車で運ばれてきた1,000人ほどの患者が一気に押し寄せ、地元医師1人しかいなかったため対応できず、患者さんを帰すしかなかったという。今回の医療支援活動では、AMDAネパール支部の医師4名と調整員2名、第1次医療スタッフによって25人の診療を行うことができた。骨折や傷が化膿している患者もいる中、精神的なダメージを受けている患者も多くみられた。患者の中には、2,3時間歩いてAMDAの医療支援場所まで来る患者もいた。中には13時間かけて歩いて来た患者もいた。これは山道が車で通れない状況になっており、受診するためには歩くしか方法がない。




派遣者によると現在も体感できる余震が日に2,3回はあるようで、未だ余震が続いている。レンガ造りの建物がほとんどで、建物の被災状況が大きくなくても、続く余震のため屋外でテント生活を送る人が多い状況が続いている。なお、ネパール中部を襲った地震による死者数は5,582人、負傷者数11,175人、13万戸以上の家屋が全壊しており、8万戸を超える建物が半壊している。さらに政府関係の施設も2万戸以上が全半壊の状況であるという。300万人以上の被災者が食糧支援を必要としているとされている。(国連人道問題調整事務所, 4月30日発表)

Emergency Medical Relief Mission for Earthquake Victims in Nepal

(Situation update#6)

AMDA Nepal has been providing emergency medical relief to earthquake victims in Nepal since 26th April 2015 with the technical and financial support from AMDA International (HQ), Okayama, Japan.

Team 1 (static/mobile)

Team#1 of AMDA has been working since 26th in different places (Dobidhara, Sankhu, mobile) in Kathmandu valley lead by Dr Saroj Ojha, the chairperson of AMDA Nepal. Today on 1 May 2015, a 5 member team lead by Dr Narayan Basnet, is distributing safe drinking water, ready to eat food, medicine and other relief material to the people staying under the temporary tent. Most of the people staying under the temporary tent are mostly affected by the earthquake. Their home is no more suitable for shelter.

Team 2 (static) – based in Gorkha

Team#2 is working in Sworpani VDC, Pokhari Danda, Gorkha district lead by Dr. Santosh Pokhrel. There are total 8 members from AMDA. It is close to centre of earthquake (Warpak). This team has established their clinic about 3 hour drive and estimated 5 hour walking from the district headquarter. AMDA team member were supported by Nepal Army and Armed Police Force (APF) to reach the site by helicopter at first. It is very hard to get contact with them. Two of team member are sheltering in their own vehicle at Jyalla, on the way to clinic. They are managing supply of medicine and communication with the AMDA Nepal office based in Kathmandu. AMDA Nepal is trying collect several information (safety situation of AMDA team, food, accommodation, number of survivor supported/treated, logistic need etc). It is expected that team are being accommodated in the camp established by the Nepal Army and APF. It is reported this morning that first aid is almost covered in this area. People are asking Shelter and Food to eat. This team may return early morning tomorrow to coordinate with the district public office at the district head quarter for the further planning and support.

Team 3 (Static)- based in Sindhupalchowk

Team#3 lead by Dr Nabin Dhakal is working in collaboration with Sindhu Community Hospital at Khadichour, Sindhupalchowk, since 29th April 2015. Kandhichour is about 80 KM far from Kathmandu. There are total 8 person in team#2 from AMDA including MS Omasa and Ms Shibata from AMDA HQ. This team is asking more medicine for the treatment of facture (orthopedic) cases. It is reported that total 35 person treated in this clinic as of 4 pm on 30th April 2015.

Further, AMDA has approached Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH ) in Kathmandu for the collaboration with AMDA in the extended health clinic to be established Chautata, Sindhupalchowk to be lead by TUTH. A team lead by Dr Suganami from AMDA HQ met TUTH director for the possible collarotation. Dr. Suganami together with Dr Saroj is going to Sindhupalchowk to support on-going relief work and access the situation in Chautara, tomorrow.

Other Impression:

Earthquake victims with injuries are not getting enough medical care. They have limited access to hospital. Victims, who lost their home, are sheltering in temporary

Nepal Relief Update 28-April-2015

ネパール中部地震被災者に対する緊急医療支援活動 速報4

The AMDA medical teams from Japan and Nepal AMDA chapter
Summarizes the activities of the 28th.
Nepal Chubu earthquake victims for emergency medical assistance activities breaking 4
It includes.
Share, fundraising help, thank you for your thank you!
AMDA's photo.

Nepal Team Update 27 April 2015





Three doctors and two nurses from Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital in Butwal that is run by AMDA Nepal, were dispatched to Gorkha District tonight.

It is a long journey for the medical team. More than 10 hours by car, and 3-6 hours walk to reach the disaster-stricken area.

None of the international aid have reached Gorkha District just yet as it is hard-to-access area.

They have zero internet access, but we will post the photos once we receive them. Thank you for your patience.

There were reports and Boutwell operated by Nepal AMDA chapter Siddhartha mother and child hospital, 3 doctors and 2 nurses tonight 7 pm (local time), for the Gorkha District departed from.
Departure toward the village was isolated in the region after the disaster, still not been reach helping hand support.

Land about 10 hours, and then walk in 3-6 hours, to enter the disaster area will.

Local no Internet access for photography will be at a later date, but will improve as an activity report becomes available. Please note that.

Three doctors and two nurses from Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital in Butwal that is run by AMDA Nepal, were dispatched to Gorkha District tonight.

It is a long journey for the medical team. More than 10 hours by car, and 3-6 hours walk to reach the disaster-stricken area.

None of the international aid have reached Gorkha District just yet as it is hard-to-access area.

They have zero internet access, but we will post the photos once we receive them.

DONATIONS:  Donations gratefully accepted here <click>. Please select Nepal Relief, in drop down donation field (Rose Charities supports partner AMDA mission and Nepal: no admin costs)

Nepal Earthquake Relief


AMDA Canadaは今回のネパールでの地震による被災者のための緊急支援を開始いたしました。
日本のAMDA 本部は緊急救援隊をすでに現地に送り、カトマンヅーを起点に活動するAMDA Nepal
と連携し緊急医療支援を展開いたしております。  AMDA CanadaはRose Charities Canada
Rose Charities Canda Helps siteよりご寄付をお願いいたします。 ご寄付欄のNepal Reliefの欄を
クリックしてください。 $25以上のご寄付につきましてはTax-ReceiptがEmailにて送られます。
どうぞ、よろしく ご協力のほどお願いもうしあげます。

AMDA Canada is supporting AMDA International emergency relief efforts in Nepal. AMDA HQ Japan has dispatched a relief team and is linking with the very active Kathmandu based AMDA Nepal to give medical assistance.  AMDA Canada has linked with Rose Charities Canada to collect funds for these and other Nepal Earthquake relief efforts. Donations may be made through the Rose Charities Canada Helps site  This will ensure a tax-receipt email is sent to you.  Please select Nepal Relief in the donation field drop-down menu.  Donations are sent directly without administration fees.  Thank you for your generous support

Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan Relief

haiyen1AMDA Canada is supporting AMDA International (Japan, Okayama) and AMDA Philippines in their relief efforts.  Victims need food, water and basic health care. One team is already in the Philippines and another being made ready (10th November 2013) AMDA Canada is being supported by Rose Charities who are able to give tax receipts for any donations above $20.  Please see the ROSE CHARITIES ON-LINE DONATION SITE  

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Makenai-zou: The resolute Elephant !

Makenai-zou is the the small towel you see in the image. It is made by the survivors of the 2011 Japan Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as well as previous natural disasters, such as the Hanshin-Awaji 1995, and Niigata -Chuetsu earthquakes of 2004. “Makenai-zou” means “We will carry on” in Japanese. The Zou in the compound word also means Elephant, so it rounds out the pun and resolute, yet friendly, image of the elephant moving forwards, despite all.

AMDA Canada has obtained some of these Makenai-zou towels and they will be on sale at the upcoming fundraising Rutsuko Yamagishi Concert in Vancouver Cathedral on 25th April 2012

For ordering such towels please contact or see