Dr. Narayan Bahadur Basnet writes…. 4 May 2015 Nepal..

nplquake-comboDear All,

   Here are photographs of AMDA activities of May 4, 2015 that included Renuka, Tika and myself in Chandeswori (Bishnugaun VDC) and Tokha (Saraswoti VDC) of Kathmandu district. So far no relief team has reached to Chandeswori Kunwargaun, merely 20 km away from the heart of KTM. None has given anything to the villagers except todays’medical help. They received from their relatives 2-3 days after the quake. Most of the dwellers of a small village lost their ancestor home and were very worried about the future: their home and fate. I remind them of ‘Buddha’ and counsel them for about an hour…the place was beautiful… a small heaven…  Thank you. Dr. Narayan Bahadur Basnet Member – AMDA Nepal

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